General Terms and Conditions

1. General

The General Terms and Conditions of Expo Media apply to all future business relationships. All services provided by Expo Media are subject to the following terms and conditions, which have become an integral part of the business relationship. Regulations and conditions deviating from these GTC, as well as supplements and individual agreements to the business relationship shall only be recognized by Expo Media in writing and after prior agreement.

2. Placing of order

In order to receive or use a service from Expo Media, an order is placed by the client. This is done in the ordering process by filling in and booking the time slot on the Calendly website (or in the pop-up). The booking is binding for the Client. The Contractor may cancel the booking up to 48 hours before the appointment, giving reasons. If the Client has already paid, the money will be refunded immediately. The contractor will always try to make all bookings possible and allow them to take place and will endeavor to find a postponement or other solution acceptable to the client without acknowledging any legal liability.

The contract becomes effective with the online booking of the service. The commissioning of Expo Media is carried out exclusively in accordance with Expo Media’s General Terms and Conditions. The client’s GTC are therefore excluded. Other agreements of the GTC of Expo Media or the GTC of the client must be recorded in writing in a separate part of the order.

Offers are subject to content and other errors. Offers shall lapse after 14 days if the client fails to respond. If quotations are requested within 14 days of the order date, they are only valid for 48 hours (written confirmation of the order is also required here as above).

3. Licenses & Rights

For services that are provided exclusively for the client, the client shall be granted the right to use the end product (e.g. edited recording, filmed trade fair film, still images) by the producer Expo Media without restriction in terms of time, space and subject matter and exclusively and unrestrictedly upon full payment, as all raw material remains with Expo Media.

If these GTC do not apply in an existing relationship, the client is granted a simple right of use.
This does not apply to concepts, analyses and documents specially developed for the client. The rights mentioned here shall be stipulated with the client in the order documents specifically for the concept or analysis.
The copyright of the object or work contained in the order shall remain with Expo Media as an intellectual creation. Resale is excluded.

Unless otherwise agreed, the contractor may use the results accepted by the client to advertise its services. Unless otherwise agreed, the Contractor may mention the Client as a reference for the collaboration.

The provisions of copyright law shall also apply as agreed if the level of creativity has not been reached. Subsequent changes to the works may not be made without the written consent of Expo Media.
Partial or complete imitation is not permitted. This does not apply to camera angles that show an overall picture (long shot) and generally record the event. The organizer is responsible for ensuring that the personal rights of the guests are respected, not Expo Media. The consent of the people in front of the camera is assumed.

4. Obligation of the client to cooperate

The client must provide Expo Media with all technical requirements, information and documents necessary for the execution of the project. The project language is English, unless otherwise agreed in writing in the offer. This also applies to information and data that is only created during the project.

The client is obliged to submit the requested corrections in writing within 14 days of Expo Media submitting the results. Failure to submit the requested corrections within the aforementioned time frame will void the right to corrections. Expo Media is not obliged to retain raw data beyond the said period.

5. Unlawful messages

If unlawful messages, content or any work that does not comply with German law is to be carried out, Expo Media reserves the right to reject it without giving reasons.

6. Order system

The order is placed within a reasonable time frame. Expo Media needs a certain amount of time to make the necessary preparations to provide its services – as does the client in accordance with point 4. This applies in particular to trade fairs outside Frankfurt.

Payment is made in advance by bank transfer (client pays any fees incurred) or cash / credit card payment at the terminal at the exhibition stand. A fee is charged for credit card payments; the amount is communicated at the time of booking. When making the booking, the client indicates in the order form how he wishes to pay – Expo Media plans the billing accordingly.

If a cancellation is made after the order has been placed, 50% will be charged up to 20 working days in advance, after which 100% of the total project amount will be charged. Cancellation is possible, but only in a way that allows Expo Media to react (phone call, e-mail, electronic media).

7. Arbitration/Arbitration proceedings

If both parties agree to arbitration/arbitration proceedings prior to ordinary court proceedings, such proceedings will be initiated. It should be noted that this may mean a considerable delay in reaching an agreement. The parties are not bound by the arbitration/conciliation proceedings. This does not affect the right to go to an ordinary court. Both parties may agree on their own arbitration/conciliation proceedings.

8. Place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Expo Media. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. The application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded until further notice.

9. Final provisions

Should individual provisions of this contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract. In such a case, all contracting parties shall undertake to cooperate to ensure that the contract remains valid and the project remains feasible. The same obligation to cooperate exists in the event of any gaps in the contract.

Expo Media, 01.07.2023



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